The Start.


My name is Elizabeth and I am a retired Marketing Director that left the workforce to pursue a life that feels like it's worth living. A friend had me do an exercise where I imagined my last year of life and I found it very profound (listed in resources at bottom of post). It turns out working in marketing isn't a part of my perfect life fantasy and I decided that perhaps one of the reasons I felt dead inside is because I wasn't pursuing my true dreams. You know? The one that is stuffed deep in your gut... the one that is stupid or crazy or will never happen because you have to do everything else first. The one you tell yourself lies about so you never have to try it and be crushed if it doesn't work out. You have one of those? I know I have a couple! 

It has taken a bit of time to quiet all the "shoulds" and the "cant's" I have been carrying around for forever to find what it is that I truly want to be doing. 

After some time of denying what I really want for myself ( to be a full-time artist) I decided to start carving out a little place to showcase my work. I hope you can join me on my journey and find your own creative inspiration in it. Honor the artist within you.

AGE: 34

OCCUPATION: painter, writer, wife, mom

THINGS I LOVE: good design, gardening, painting, plants, coast lines, hiking, photography, the smell of the forrest floor, my family, painting, the human spirit, my two pups, and writing. 

THINGS I DON'T LOVE: malt balls, loud noises, mean people, incorrectly sized images on websites and social media, bad font, folding laundry, and feeling lonely. 

SURPRISING THINGS ABOUT ME: I didn't graduate highschool, but I did graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. I used to do amatuer boxing (my knees hate me for it). I lived in China for a year and studied there for another 3 months. I can speak some Mandarin.

WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ALL ABOUT? This is a place that I carved out to share my journey in getting in touch with my own creative spirit and honoring the artist that I am.