It’s not all about what you’re doing wrong, it’s about what you CAN do that’s oh-so right.

Let's get clear right here, right now. If you hate something, you don't have to do it. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business.

I want everyone I work with to be able to champion themselves on social media as only they can. If you have a willingness to let go of all the "shoulds" and are ready to get back to work, I am ready to help you focus. Consulting services allow me to tailor a plan to your questions, needs and goals. 

If you’re looking to do it yourself (eventually) but are wondering where to start, I think here and now is the place.

Want a review of what you have and set a plan of attack?

Want a kickstart to generating kick ass content ideas?

Want a strategic and creative mind on your side?

Want to remove the fear that you’re not doing enough, by actively defining what enough is for you?


1 on 1 Social Media Consulting 

Price: $90 an hour


What you get:

Questions Answered
I send you a questionnaire before the session and do some prework for you. I make sure your top three questions are answered, so we can dive a little deeper during the session. Together we will come up with action items to align your online presence with your business aspirations. 

Social Media Review
I look at what you are doing, where you can improve, and tell you how do it. 


Guess what?

You can sell out that online course and stay true to who you are.

You can inspire people on a daily basis and still make money.

You can create community and build your business at the same time.


Your Sanity Back

Wouldn’t it be great to hear you don’t have to do it all? Well you don’t! We will come up with a strategy that will work for you, a space for you to shine, an approach and timetable that makes you feel sane and productive. You don’t have to be everywhere to be reachable, found and successful. Let's get clear, so you can get back to business.  





Let's Do This Right 

Monthly Coaching + Data Tracking

Price: $90 a month (6 month commitment)


What you get:

To start the program off you will get a full service 1 on 1 coaching session. See above for details.  

On a monthly basis you will get:

Social Media Review
I look at what you are doing, where you can improve, and tell you how do it. Together we can create a social media strategy that will align your online presence with your business aspirations. 

Data Tracking 
You give me your social media information and I track your data. Once a month I create a report for you. 

It's time to stop filling Pinterest boards with social media tips and start doing + doing right by your business.

30 Minute Check-In
I will look over your data and tell you what's working and what's not. Don't worry. I won't bore you with numbers. I will give you action items to fix those pain points.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone by your side?




Social Media Mastermind Group

Price: $25 a month (month to month)


What you get: 

Access to my private Facebook group
You get to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and get support around social media + business issues.  

A Social Media Consultant in Your Back Pocket
I come up with weekly prompts to help everyone streamline their social media process. I also share my secrets that I only share with paying clients. 

Things come up as we are trying to improve what we are doing on social media. Once you fix one problem another arises. Wouldn't it be awesome to have an expert you can ask your questions to at any time? Hoozah! Now you can.

As an added bonus you will get the expertise of everyone in the group. 

Social Media Review
Before we kick off the group I will review three of your social media platforms and give you five things you can do to improve immediately. 


This is a carefully selected group and it tops out at 40 people. The reason being I want to give you the attention you deserve. It's a place you can get useful information + tailored support from an expert. Goodness knows entrepreneurs need all the support they can get.

A private Facebook group will be the gathering place, but this is anything but your average Facebook group. You won't get people promoting themselves constantly and I won't try to sell to you. I will support you and guide you as an individual, as well as a group. It's going to be a very safe, supportive space for issues surrounding social media + running a business. You will get valuable information on an ongoing basis. Plus there will be the occasional Google Hangout dance party! Say what?


This group opens on May 1st 2015. I am building up a great group of participants as we speak. Don't miss out. Pop your email into the form below and you will be on the list to get info about how to make it official in mid April. There is no obligation by getting on the list.