You can be successful without being loud, it's time to be Quietly Unstoppable.  


Do you want to build meaningful connections on social media without feeling lost in all of the noise?

Are you tired of feeling jealous of your extroverted friends that appear to be selling with ease?

Do you want to spend less time struggling with social media and more time creating and reading?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Quietly Unstoppable is the online course for you.

While everyone else is worried about gaining followers, you will be one step ahead creating content and nurturing relationships on social media that will help your business thrive. 

Through this 8-week program you will learn:

  • How to use your introversion as an advantage, instead of letting it hold you back.
  • A social media strategy that will fit YOUR style and YOUR business.
  • The know how to create meaningful relationships that convert to sales. 
  • A system that will allow you to spend less time on social media and have better results.
  • Social media best practices, tips, and tricks. 
  • How to market your business in a way that feels comfortable and sustainable.

The first 10 people to sign up will get access to the Mastermind Level where you will get extra Q+A sessions, group work, and a full social media audit ($500 value). 

Your investment: $197


This is not another one size fits all course. This course is designed to help you create a social media strategy that works for YOU and YOUR business and the support structure to make that happen.  

As an introvert I understand how difficult it is to market yourself and run a business. I know that sometimes it feels like your sensitive nature is a curse and if you could just be louder, have a thicker skin, or be like everybody else things would be so much easier. I say we need to quiet those thoughts and I am on a mission to help introverts be more accepting of themselves and discover that the traits they wish away at times are actually strengths. They make us leaders, dreamers, and world changers. 

Did you know Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, and many many more world changers are introverts? You see, introversion is not a weakness. It's NOT something that should hold you back. It's something that needs to be embraced, nourished, and understood. If you do that, if you let go of these detrimental thoughts that you believe about your introversion (or that others may be telling you) you will gain the confidence to go after what you want. This course isn't about changing the world, but it will give you the tools and support to tackle social media marketing and use it to grow your business. Furthermore, I will teach you how to do it by embracing your introversion not squashing it. 

Rockin' It

Imagine going from struggling with social media to knowing that you can use it to grow your business with ease. 

The first 10 people to sign up get access to the Mastermind Level where you will get extra Q+A sessions, group work, and a full social media audit ($500 value). 

Your investment: $197

Mastermind spots still available, but they are going fast.

So what do you actually get?

Weekly Lesson

A weekly lesson delivered via email that you can watch on your own time. 

*In January I will hold a recommitment bonus where you can ask more questions and we can go over our goals and and content calendars to start the year off right.  

Topics covered will include:

  • Why being an introvert never needs to hold you back on social media. 
  • Choosing the right social media platforms for you and your business.
  • Streamlining your social media process and tools to save you time.
  • Digital marketing tactics for introverts. 
  • Social media best practices and tips. 
  • Connecting with your ideal clients online.
  • Marketing yourself in a way that feels 100% you while making money.
  • Letting go of extrovert-centric marketing techniques and other common problems introverts face online. 

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other program participants and get support around social media + business issues. We also discuss the lessons and how you can tailor them to fit your business.

A Social Media Consultant in your back pocket.

I will be extremely active in the group leading conversation, answering questions, and giving tailored feedback. If you have questions, I have answers. 

One Q+A session where you can ask whatever you want! 

Your investment: $197

The first 10 people to sign up will get access to the Mastermind Level where you will get extra Q+A sessions, mastermind group work, and a full social media audit ($550 value). 

Your investment: $197


Who is this course for?

If you are an introvert and want to use social media to market your business this course is for you. It is not industry specific and is valuable for people who sell products, have a blog, have a service based business, or work in an office and want impress their coworkers with their marketing skills. 

This course is for you and your business. 

How much time will it take? 

The course will take 7 weeks upfront and there will be one week in January to recommit. If you need more time you can go at your own pace.

How do I know if I am an Introvert?

Introverts often enjoy interaction on a one-on-one basis or in small groups. They get energy from having quiet time as opposed to being around a lot of people. 

If you are curious to know if you are an introvert you can take this personality test created by Quiet Revolution: 

I have taken social media courses and I feel like I get lost in the shuffle... How is this course different?

I keep the group small and intimate, so that everyone gets the attention they deserve. I will be available by email and the Facebook community, so your questions never go unanswered. 

It's Fall, the holidays are coming up and I am busy! 

Fall is the perfect time to start something new! The course will be done by Thanksgiving and you will be set to rock your social social media come the New Year. 2016 is your year and we can set the foundation to make that happen! We will also have a recommitment lesson in January to make sure you are on the right track. 

What if I get busy? 

Of course you will get busy. As an entrepreneur you have to juggle a lot of things and it's easy to get busy.

Once the lesson is rolled out you will have access to the course for a full year! All of the conversations in the group will be available to you to chime in at any time. . 

What do you mean by peer support?

It's going to be a very safe, supportive space for issues surrounding social media + running a business. Issues like comparison, competition, and burn out. I will not only teach you what you need to know to rock it on social media, but I will also teach you how to manage business as an introvert. 

It will be an open supportive environment full of entrepreneurs just like you. 

What if I don't have my social media accounts set up yet?

Don't worry. I can walk you through this. People will be at different levels in this group, but that's the beauty of it. It's about supporting each other and sharing our expertise. We all have a drive to grow our businesses through social media and that will be the connecting factor. 

I am a marketer. Will this course help me?

Yes! I recommend snagging a Mastermind Level spot as this will allow you to dive a little deeper. 

Courses like this are so expensive. Can a small business owner afford it?

Absolutely! I am offering the course at a rate that is affordable to small businesses. You will also have the option of paying for the course over three payments. 

My investment?

You get all of this for a one time investment of $297. 

When does the course start?

The course starts on October 7th! 

What happens after I sign up?

You will be sent everything you need to know and the next steps to take in an email on 9/30. Keep an eye out for it.

You don't have to let your introversion (yet again) stop you from making sales and running a successful business. The time to be Quietly Unstoppable is now!  

The first 10 people to sign up will get access to the Mastermind Level where you will get extra Q+A sessions, group work, and a full social media audit ($500 value). 

Your investment: $197


If you have any lingering questions about the course or want to know more you can contact me here.