*The following packages are all full up! If you are interested in any of the following packages email me and I will put you on the wait list. Check out the consulting page for packages that are available right now. 

Don't know which hashtag to use to get noticed? That's O.K, because I do! Don't know how to stay consistent? of course you don't! Being a creative genius is anything but consistent. Do you want bloggers to notice your shop, but don't know what their Twitter handle is? I will find out and connect with them! 

Don't know how to style that gorgeous item you spent 12 hours making? I do! I will bring accessories, and my photography expertise to make that item jump off the screen and say buy me, buy me! Pick a package and start getting back to doing what you love! 


It's all about Twitter + Facebook for me! 
Price: $350.00 per month

*If you have something you are promoting I am happy to bump up your tweets and Facebook posts to effectively get the word out.  


Base Package:

What you get:
1 strategy session 
Goal setting, brainstorming, finding out all about you, and coming up with a strategy that fits your needs. 60 minutes

Set up or update Twitter + Facebook
I am like a tailor for your social media. I make sure everything fits, looks great, and you are ready for a night out on the fancy part of town!

Community Research
Who is rocking it in your industry? What are they doing? Who are they following? What are the current trends? Where do you fit in? 

2 tweets per day
1 Facebook post per day 
Community interaction 

Twitter chats, responding to questions, networking, connecting, pitching. 

I check your feeds 2 times a day to make sure I am not missing a thing!

I track your data and then compile a report for you at the end of each month. If things aren't up to your high standards I will sit down with you and tweek our strategy. 

Ahhh! Doesn't it feel great you don't have to worry about any of this. You can get back to taking on the world! 



Make My Pinterest Pop! 
Price: Base package + $200 or $300 per month

Depending on curation vs. content creation this package varies in price.  

*If you are selling products and need original pins we can help.
I can take product photos and create the perfect pins to get those products noticed.


Base Package + Pinterest

What you get:
Pinterest set up or update  
I either set up or update your Pinterest account. It will look fabulous I promise! 

What to pin? Oh what to pin? I will work with you to come up with 10 boards that fit your brand and social media goals. 

Fill them up! 
I will search the internet for the perfect pins to fill your boards up! I will pin until the sun comes up and then pin until the sun goes down. You will be the Pinterest bell of the ball! 

Community interaction 
I follow the who's who on Pinterest, chat it up with followers, and get your brand noticed. I also collaborate with other pinners to increase engagement and make the most awesome community boards! 

No more late nights pinning and worrying yourself about how awesome so and so is on Pinterest! You get to get back to your dreams and I will worry about all that for you! 



Make my Instagram Sing!
Price: Base package + $400 per month


Base Package + Instagram  

What you get:
Instagram set up or update
I either set up or update your Instagram account. It will look fabulous I promise! 

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures! 
I can either curate the perfect photos or show up at your place of business once a week and photograph products, work spaces, and you being awesome. You get to put your phone down and start being a creative genius with both hands! 

Captions matter and I work hard to tell a story with images and captions to draw people in. Chronicle Books (Yup you read that right! I learn from the big dogs!) told me that copy and images on Instagram are like the children's books they publish. They do not stand alone and they need to compliment one another. They both need to be strong and fit together to tell a story. 

Stop worrying about hashtags. You have awesome things to do! I know the perfect hashtags to use to get you noticed. #getbacktowork 

5 posts per week
will post on the best days and the best times! Did you know Sunday night is a high engagement time on Instagram? You don't want to work on Sunday night do you? Well you don't have to! You can have a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and enjoy yourself while I do the work!